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Our group started with its trading activities in 1988. Our product catalogue has been extended as the market demand has grown over the years. We are primarily engaged in the sale of compressors and pneumatic peripherals. Below in short our product range.


All types of compressors: stationary, mobile, piston, screw, centrifugal, oil-free and oil lubricated. Capacities of 190 l/min to 3800 m³/min. pressure from 1.5 Bar (g) up to 100 Bar (g), vacuum up to 754 mm Hg.


For sea-maritime and offshore industry, we offer the following applications:

  • Compressor for high ambient temperatures: 55 ° c, 440 V at 60 Hz.
  • Start air compressors with classes certificate-Certified explosion proof tools.

Air Dryers

Available cooling cycle or adsorption dryers, depending on the required dew point: 3 ° c to –70 ° c. Capacity of 0, 2 m ³/min up to 425 m ³/min.

Standard and heavy duty. Capacity of 0, 6 m ³/min 517m m³/min. pressure up to 40 Bar (g).


AIRnet is a compressed air distribution system that can save you up to 70% on your installation costs.


Pneumatic, electric, construction, battle hammer, Ratchet and drilling tools and other.

ARO® pumps

ARO® pneumatic pumps are available in diaphragma and piston execution. Capacities of 1, 4 l/min 1041l/min and a pressure to 20.4 Bar (g). For water and powder applications as well as for chemical and other applications.


Mobile generators starting from 0,8 kVA tot 1100 kVA, 62dB(A), 50 of 60Hz.

Air Starters

Different types of starters available: vane starters, turbine starters, gas turbine starters and torn engines.

Pneumatic Motors

In explosion sensitive areas are these engines the best application. Available from 0.07 kW to 22 kW, reversible, speed and torque variable.


Winches available in pneumatic, electric or hydraulic version. Intended for industrial purposes and hoisting staff: of 91 kg to 20.727 kg.

Chain Hoists

Available in pneumatic or hydraulic version with a lifting capacity of 125 kg to 100 tonnes. Available in Ex implementation.


Hydraulic tool to run correctly with a torque to a maximum torque of 73000Nm. electric or pneumatic pumps available.

Hibon® blowers

Hibon ® blowrs with capacities of 0, 33 m ³/min to 1033 m ³/min, vacuum from 80 m Bar (a) to 1.4 Bar (g) in air and chemical process applications.


InMAC has trained staff at your disposal with a thorough knowledge of the latest market developments. With your cooperation InMAC can implement the latest technologies and, therefore, offer the best possible solution for your installation.

Maintenance of your installation(s)

Our staff is trained to follow your installations with full knowledge of the facts. By means of a spectral analysis they can accurately display the state of your installation, and possibly in consultation schedule a revision when your installation needs it. This means: no more unexpected downtime due to a mechanical failure.


An audit of the compressor installation, or of the whole installation, can be profitable. If you have an energetic costs for air production of € 100,000, your gross profit margin is 10% and about 34% is lost as a direct result of compressed air leaks. You would then need to achieve a turnover of € 340,000 in order to compensate your compressed air leaks.

Causal analysis

Recurring problems with an installation are very annoying and unproductive. Our technical service detects as the underlying cause and causal relationships, then solves your problems on using the many available technologies.


An unexpected failure? A shortage of tools? You can rent to solve your problem as quickly as possible: compressors, generators and Rapid-Torc ® tool.

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