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Our group started activities in November 1988 under the name Antwerp Trading Corporation C.V.. Initially, these activities were focused on all kinds of exports worldwide.

Due to market conditions, Antwerp Trading Corporation C.V. changed names to A.T.C N.V in November 1990. From this date the first additional person was acquired. Due to him ATC N.V. started with compressor related activities.

Due to all activities the premises in the Maasstraat became too small and in April 2000, the company moved to the Samberstraat. Meanwhile a second person was acquired to help the business grow.



Due to increasing demand of ship-owners Marine Air Center N.V. was founded in December 2007. From now on the business focussed on compressor related activities. The company knowledge on compressed air grew and Industrial customers also start to find their way to our business.



Over time trading increased rapidly and some industrial customers requested other compressed air services. In August 2013 we reconsidered and questioned our business model and market strategy. After this excercise, in July 2014, Marine Air Center N.V. was converted into Industrial & Marine Air Center N.V.. An aftermarket division to better support our industrial customers was created, group also had centrifugal compressor knowledge and experience.

The Industrial & Marine Air Center added value was successful, end of 2015 we opened a second establishment to cover the French speaking area of Belgium.

From January 2018 our company name was changed from "Industrial & Marine Air Center" towards "InMAC". From a commercial point of view InMAC made better sense, the InMAC brandname was already used by most of our customers.



From France there was a demand for a company with our knowledge and skills. After a market study and evaluation, we decided to open a branch in Toulouse. InMAC France SAS is a fact on 1 December 2018. This branch was 100% operational on 1st January 2019.



The product catalogue has been extended and continuously re-evaluated as the market demand changed and grew over the years. Currently we are primarily engaged in service, audits, rental and sales of compressed air equipment. Suppliers have been selected on price, quality and reliability bases and are subject of a continuously re-evaluation.


Safety, Health and Environment


InMAC has a high standard on safety, health and environment. In order to assure that our personnel works and acts to the highest standard, that we don't endanger anybody's health and help to protect the environment we are VCA** certified. VCA** is a continuous auditing and monitoring process that can be audited any time during a year, but surely audited once a year by a external certification organisation. This cetificate shows to all our customers that we are serious concerning this important topics.