DecibAir SNX Pro

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DecibAir SNX Pro

3°C PdP
Reciprocating compressor
Refrigerated Dryer
Soundproof Piston

Worthington Creyssensac has the perfect units for all your DIY and professional tasks, from inflating and blowing to grinding and wrenching.   Our DecibAir SNXPRO professional pistons are series of safe and user-friendly units available in a broad range of configurations to match your specific requirements.

Wide choice of configurations: models available for occasional usage, intermediate or frequent, several tank capacities available ranging from 6 to 500 liters and several pressures possibilites available

User-safety: low temperature, shielded moving parts

Direct drive: low consumption single phase engine

Belt drive: low speed pressure head for less wear and low noise

Low noise output

User-friendly thanks to control panel offering pressure manometer, time counter, on/off switch, emergency stop and mainenance synoptic