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Energy savings

Service - Audit

The energy saving solutions by InMAC can help you to realize your goals for energy saving and to lower production costs.
After an audit according to Cagi-Pneurop PN2 CPCT2 by InMAC you can reach the following goals:

  • Improving the reliability of your installation.    
  • Increase the efficiency of complete system.    
  • Mantaining production at less costs.    
  • Extend the life of the installation.    
  • Identification, troubleshoot and correct system problems.

Respect for the environment

When the Kyoto agreement was drawn up in 1997, the industrialized countries agreed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by an average of 5.2% by 2020 compared to the 1990 level. The introduction of the CO2 certificates also brought additional costs on top of the already high energy costs for companies.

Reducing energy costs

Energy efficiency is an ongoing focus for every good Manager. Energy costs can only be recuperated by passing it on to your customer.

Improving business results

More and more companies have it difficult to be competitive, in the global economy doing more with less is the rule. If budgets are limited and resources scarce, is maintaining your compressed air installation a priority? Probably not.

The highly trained staff of InMAC has several solutions to help you stay competitive. A professional audit of your compressed air system will help you find problems associated with the use of a modern compressed air system. This can range from "Root cause analysis" to a full audit with recommendations for corrective actions. Our staff evaluates the entire system and not only the compressors. If the installations are monitored on a regularly bais you can remain competitive compared to competition. The extra cost which you otherwise have to invoice to the end customer is pure profit for your company.

There are several reasons why the energy costs can be higher than theoretically expected, some examples:

  • Artificial consumption
    This occurs when your needed compressed air pressure is higher than what is needed for the applications that are on the net.


A simple calculation
If your energetic costs for air production amounts to € 100.000, your gross profit margin is 10% and about 34% goes to leakage. Your should realize a turnover of € 340.000 in order to pay for your compressed air leaks.


  • Compressed air leaks
    On average there is a loss of 34% of the compressed air due to air leaks, higher values are certainly not exceptional. When considering investing in a new compressor the costs of the compressor is looked at as the most important factor, this amounts to only 13% spread over the entire lifetime, maintenance amounts to about 12%. What one does not realize is that for the production of compressed air energy costs amounts to 75%. Every saving on this 75% represents a significant amount.
Some other sources of financial losses:
Compressed air couplings Incorrect dimensioned pipes
Incorrect dimensioned compressed air dryers Malfunctioning compressed air dryers
Filters Cleaning with compressed air
Aeration of tanks Failing flushing
Spraying Generating vacuum
Cooling of machines or staff Air driven panel cooling
Machines operating with low or no load Machines which are no longer in use
Bottlenecks And many other examples