Pneumatic chain hoist - TMH-9000

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Pneumatic chain hoist - TMH-9000

100.000 kg
12.000 kg
15.000 kg
20.000 kg
30.000 kg
37.500 kg
45.000 kg
50.000 kg
60.000 kg
75.000 kg
Heavy duty
Oil Free

The NEW RED ROOSTER TMH series air chain hoists have the highest lifting speed with the lowest headroom on the hoist market. With M4 classification of mechanism this hoist is extremely reliable. This hoist will guarantee the continuity of your process. The TMH hoists are designed with a full load supporting eye for installation, securing
(during lift applications) the hoist for extra safety.

• Precise variable speed control (cord- and pendant control)
• Optimum control of the load, very precise positioning
• Mechanical end stop system
• Load limiter built-in without loss of headroom
• Low noise level (83 dBA)
• Air pressure 0,4 - 0,63 MPa

Also available in following hoisting categories: 12 tonne, 15 tonne, 20 tonne, 25 tonne, 30 tonne, 37,5 tonne, 45 tonne, 50 tonne, 60 tonne, 75 tonne and 100 tonne. Oil free version available for 3 tonne, 6 tonne, 9 tonne, 12 tonne and 15 tonne hoist.