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System Audit

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Many people don't know but compressed air is the fourth utility in a production environment.

Electricity is well protected and if a loss occurs companies will quickly detect and resolve.

Natural Gas spreads an unpleasant odour in most countries and will be shut off and repaired.

Water creates enoying leaks or pools and will be resolved when seen.

Compressed air cannot be seen, mostly production noise will be higher than air leak noise which means it remains unoticed, it spreads no odour at all and doesn't pollute the environment so why bother. When knowing that only 5% of the energy absorbed by compressors is to generate compressed air this is a rather expensive excersise. All the other absorbed energy is transformed to some form of heat.

When supply and demand audits are performed we investigate your complete system from every possible angle.

Supply side, investigate the production area of compressed air.

  • Compressors selected according to your consumption patterns
  • No pressure drops
  • Dewpoint correctly for the application behind
  • Enough storage capacity
  • Maintenance cost within acceptable limits
  • Compressors in a good and efficient condition
  • Any many more parameters


Demand side audit, investigate the consumtion side of compressed air

  • What is the real pressure that your equipment needs
  • Do you have artificial demand
  • Is pressure everywhere correct for the application installed.
  • Is the piping  adequatly dimensioned for the capacity going through
  • Is there sufficient storage capacity installed in the production area
  • Which pressure drops do we register from supply to production
  • Other parameters are subject to be investigated and is evluated on a case to case bases